Sunday, February 28, 2021

Vax Day

I do some part time work at a college in their nursing department. Since I retired from my nursing job as an RN triage nurse, I picked up a job at the college being a state tester for their Nursing Assistant program. It pretty much is just watching the candidates move through random skills that they would perform on a patient. Things like feeding, bathing, transferring them to a wheelchair and things such as that. It is just pretty much making sure the ones testing are going to be safe for their patients and safe for themselves. 

With the health care system, especially long term care being stretched to their extreme limits due to covid and a more aging population, it was determined that the nurses doing the testing to get more nursing assistants out into the workforce were considered essential workers. Along with needing more nursing assistants to provide care for patients, more testing and testers need to be available to get the NA’s into the workforce. So because I am now considered an essential worker, I can get my Covid vaccination if I want. 

While I am not here to judge anyone on whether they are pro or anti covid vaccine, I am going to get mine. I am scheduled to get it tomorrow morning. So stay tuned for a report back on how the system works trying to dose many hundreds at a time, the pros and cons of how the system works and most importantly the side effects of receiving the first dose. Stay tuned.

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