Sunday, December 5, 2021

Time Will Be Our Friend

We made it to December! The long countdown to my Best Half’s retirement has finally happened. He is officially retired. It was an exciting week of clinic parties and cards and hugs and well wishes for a happy life after 38 years at the same company. And one by one all his co-workers jokingly turned him over to me to spend all of our future days together. And I gladly accepted. My Best Half is also my Best Friend that I’ve grown up with. We married when I was 21 and he was 22, over 42 years ago. We literally became adults together, And here we are still together after all these years. I wrote this song a few months ago when he was talking about retiring. I started thinking about how the years have honestly flown by day by day. About how I can see us starting to age some. At first thought it kind of scared me to think of getting older, but then I realized that I need to make time my friend so I don’t freak out about this aging stuff. Because it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Each day together is truly a blessing we get to share. This song is for all of us who have someone, a Best Haf, or a Best Friend. May time be our friend as we grow old and take care of each other.

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Time Will Be Our Friend

Do you think of me sometimes

At the setting of the sun?

I know I think of you

In everything I do 

Time keeps moving on

Will you love me 

When I grow old

Will you still hold my hand?

Will you walk with me into the sunset

And look back on the years gone by?

Well I know we move a little slower

And we hold each other up

All  the years that pass

All the memories filled with love.

As I look into your eyes

And I see the age in your hair

Ill keep loving you in everything I do

And time will be our friend

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