Sunday, April 24, 2022

Monday Morning Music on the Way to Nashville

We are headed to Nashville, Tennessee this week to see our son. Due to Covid and traveling it has been about a year and a half since he was home. We are going for just a few days, but have a bunch of stuff planned in those days. He has an itinerary of places to go and things to see. 

We decided to leave the canines at our daughters for the time we are gone. We are hoping they will enjoy the change of scenery and mob of little kids to run with. Our good friends and neighbors are again stopping by and watching the house for us. And we are doing something totally different for our traveling adventures. We have rented a car with great gas mileage.

We have never left for a trip without hauling the tools needed in case of a breakdown. We have always done that and we have always needed to repair something it seems. And over the past few years, I have carried the title for the vehicle we were using…you know in case it broke beyond repair and we had to sell or junk it. I wanted to be prepared. But this time we decided since it was a short trip we were going to do it with someone else’s vehicle. No worries of breakdowns or theft of the vehicle. It is covered with the insurance from the auto rental. We can just walk away from any trouble if it comes up.

I did a lot of calculating and finally realized that with renting a fuel efficient car and not having to do any repairs, it probably will come out about even in terms of cost to drive there and back. It was kind of like a win-win to rent the car. 

I am anxious to pack my guitar and strum stick and probably a mandolin or ukulele to bring down to Nashville. My son plays guitar and he is one of my favorite people to play music with. When he was about 10, I handed him a guitar and showed him 2 or 3 chords and he took off and became a really good accomplished musician. Him being in Nashville has been fun for him to go and listen to so many musicians around town. And he has also been playing here and there with friends he has met. 

Here is a song I attempted with filling in with the mandolin, ukulele, guitar, harmonica and my newest instrument the strum stick. It is much like an upside down dulcimer. For me it is much easier to learn because it is not held in my lap and constantly sliding down to the floor. 

This song is one I heard by Josh Turner’s kids. My intention is to teach it to the grandkids to learn and play.  But for now it is just a solo Monday Morning Music.  Enjoy

As always you can listen to the song on the podcast over on the website:

RIVER OF HAPPINESS by Jennifer and Hampton Turner

There's a river way out yonder

Beyond the valley, across the plain

There's a river where I'm goin'

When my Savior calls my name

No more cryin', no more weepin'

No more sad or lonely days

'Cause on that river, I'll be smilin'

When my Savior calls my name

And we will sing sweet hallelujahs

Praises to our glorious King

Won't you come with us

To the river

The river of happiness

The river of happiness

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