Sunday, May 9, 2021

My Mother's Daughter

Mother’s Day is here. It is a day to honor and show our love for our moms. Had she lived, my mom would be 101 years old. But as fate would have it, my mom died almost. 40 years ago when she was just 61 years old. At the time, I was 22 and going to be a new mom in a few months.

The night before my mom died, she put her hand on my stomach as my baby kicked and squirmed and she said, "It's a girl". That night after I left the hospital, my mom passed away. A few months later, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. And as the years went by, I had 3 more incredible and beautiful children, 2 sons and another daughter.

Although my mom was never around to watch the kids grow up and accomplish the milestones, or have direct input into their lives, I have to believe she has had a steady influence in their lives. That’s because I am my mother's daughter. There are many things I do that are a direct result of being raised by a woman who loved me unconditionally whether I was a good and obedient child or a rebellious teenager. Through all of my growing pains, my mom was there, to love me, stand by me, and watch me take those "first steps" in life's journey. And although she was not physically present during my transformation into adulthood and parenthood, she is a direct result of the woman I have become. And she has left an impact on how I have loved and raised my own children. And it is now being passed on to the next generation, my grandkids.

I am forever grateful to my mom, I have missed her everyday since she has been gone. But I know that I carry the mom gene that she passed on to me. And I see it in my kids as they raise their kids. Even though they never met her, she has been an influence in their lives. They always tell me they feel as if they knew her personally. That’s because we have shared so many stories over the years about her and the person she was. We have kept her spirit with us.

Today, as I remember my mom's life, let me hone in on that ability to show unconditional love for those around me, just like she did. Allow me to feel that unconditional love from my Creator, whether I am being the good and obedient child or I am being the rebellious teenager. Today I honor my mom and those who have stood in the gap to all those moms that are no longer physically present. To all of you, Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for your love.

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