Sunday, January 2, 2022

Be A Better Friend

To quote Paul Wellstone, " We all do better when we all do better". Such a simple statement with such a powerful message. Let's all work at being a better friend to those around us and hope it circles the globe.

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone that has become a part of the Solid Rock Minnesota podcast and blog group. Believe it or not we are starting our second year doing the weekly podcast and blog. It just doesn’t seem that long ago I was trying to record my trembling voice and playing it back only to hear my “up North” Minnesota voice. And wondering who on earth would want to listen to this podcast of stories, music and odds and ends from Minnesota? I was scared enough not to tell a soul I knew about it. It would just be for myself and maybe a few strangers that may happen upon it and listen for a few seconds and turn it off.  

It wasn’t until several months into doing a weekly podcast that my family and friends found out that I was doing a podcast. Yes, as I have admitted before, I was a closet podcaster. That was until the sister of my very dear friend, the Tootsie Sister, outed me to one of my cousins. And my cousin in turn outed me to the whole family. There are only a few things that will travel faster than our family sending out news about another family member. 

As a result of a request to do a blog so that our deaf and hearing impaired friends and family could be included in the stories, the blog was created. And here we are today with over 5000 listeners and more than 1500 blog readers! 

I am truly and totally amazed at the response from people nationwide and worldwide that have become weekly listeners or blog readers following Solid Rock Minnesota. You all have been so kind and encouraging this past year. There are those family and friends that I have known for a lifetime and then there are those that I have come to meet through Solid Rock Minnesota. To all of you, your comments and encouragement are never unnoticed. 

I was sitting playing my guitar the other day and started thinking about the past year. So much is going on around the world and close to home in our own communities. I started thinking of the New Year and ways to make it a better year than last year. And honestly, I don’t have any magical words of wisdom other than to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and do the best we are capable of doing. For me, I decided I am going to try hard to keep encouraging and building friendships and relationships with those around me. Old friends and new friends.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and continuing to listen to and be a part  of the Solid Rock Minnesota podcast and blog. 

To listen to the song go to our website and scroll down to the podcast.

This is a song I wrote called “Be A Better Friend”. 

Be A Better Friend

Life can seem hard in this crazy world

And sometimes I just pay the cost

I think about all the life that I've  lived

And then I don’t seem so lost


I’m going to live my life one day at a time

God Lord willing and the time don’t end

I’m going to sing my songs, and love my dogs,

And be a better friend

I’m going to spend the day, do the best that I can

Looking for the good all around

I’m going to take the time to help someone

Going to plant my feet on solid ground...

It’s time to save this world one day at a time

It’s time we love someone we may hate

For the time will come, we may stand alone

Let’s do it before it’s too late...

music and words by Susan McAuliffe

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