Sunday, January 30, 2022

Monday Morning Music Doing it Solo- Words Get In the Way

I really am looking forward to meeting up with some of the grandkids and playing music with them when we get down to Texas. Our plan to do music with the grandkids up here in Minnesota has kind of been set down by the side of the road due to the older ones working at jobs now and winter freezing cold temps that make me not want to venture out as much. 

We set out to faithfully get together once a week and play music, but the weeks keep flying by and we have only met up a couple of times here at the house to play music. When we do get together, it is always fun watching the littlest 4 year old strumming the mandolin and keeping a beat, and a couple of the younger ones learning the strum stick, an easy to play instrument that adds to the music sound.One of the older grandson plays the banjo and the oldest grand-daughter playing the fiddle by ear. ANd  we have a shy one in the mix who is learning to play the melodica, but it is hit or miss if she joins with the instrument. But she does have an awesome voice she willingly shares.It is always fun and filled with laughs. Once we are back from our trip South I will have to become more intentional at getting us together.

For now, I have been playing some on my own. I am learning how to use the keyboard to put in other sounds besides the guitar. I never knew how to play piano, but a few years ago due to arthritis in my hand, I learned how to stretch my hands and play chords on a piano. It has been interesting trying to figure out how to “play the instruments” on the keyboard. 

This is a song I wrote about how sometimes it is hard to apologize if needed or keep a relationship going, be it family or friends. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, things just don’t work out, there just aren't the right words to say. Or the words will get in the way. Sometimes no matter what we do or say, it just doesn’t work. But never give up, because there may come a time ,when you least expect it, things will change.

To listen to it go to the podcast or our website.

(words and music by Susan McAuliffe)

Words Get in the Way

If I said I was sorry a million times, 

Would it be enough for you to hear

If you told me you loved me everyday, 

Would it take away the fear

Time goes by and people change, 

So much we need to say

Like I love you and I’m sorry, 

But the words get in the way.

If I walked across the earth to find you, 

Would you even remember my name

Would you say hello, would you greet me 

Would you let me do the same…

Well we live our lives one day at a time

Doing the best that we can

If the day should come when I see you again

I hope you understand…

That time goes by and people change,

So much we need to say

I still love you and I’m sorry, 

But the words got in the way.

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